Become a TLMODA Dealer Member

The organization’s goal is to represent the needs of the minority dealers within Toyota and Lexus. Any dealership whose Dealer Principal is an ethnic minority and beneficially owns or controls fifteen percent (15%) or more of such dealership’s voting stock and has a contractual right to increase his/her beneficial ownership to fifty percent (50%) or more within 5 to 7 years, is invited to join as a dealer member. Some of the benefits available to Dealer Members are as follows:

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Mentoring Support
  • Collective Representation within Toyota and Lexus
  • For Legislative action and support:
    • National
    • State
    • Local
  • Community Involvement Support
  • Learning and Development Opportunities
  • Participation in TLMODA Regional Meetings
  • Voice within national organizations (such as NAMAD)
  • TLMODA Member Voting Privileges

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