As an organization dedicated to the advancement of minority dealers, it is extremely important that we acknowledge the impact that many marginalized groups have had on our industry. So, through our 2021 heritage campaigns, TLMODA is honoring the contributions that African Americans, Women, Asian Pacific Americans, Hispanic Americans and National American Indians and Alaskan Natives have made, past and present, and the crucial roles they’ve played in moving our industry forward.

In February, we’re reflecting on the many contributions that African Americans have made to the automotive industry and honoring the present-day leaders behind our thriving Black-owned dealerships..

During the month of March, we highlight the major, yet lesser-known contributions that women have made to our industry, while also celebrating our inspirational female Toyota and Lexus dealership owners.

For the month of May, we recognize the role that Asian Pacific Americans have played in evolving our industry and we honor our own Asian Pacific American dealership owners.

From mid-September through mid-October,we recognize the impact, past and present, that Hispanic Americans have had on the industry. We also celebrate the accomplishments of our Hispanic American dealership owners.

In November, we recognize the contributions that Native Americans and Alaskan Natives have made to the automotive industry and we honor our inspirational Native American and Alaskan Native dealership owners.