Auto dealer Peter Boulware knows what it means to be a leader – on the professional football field, in his dealership, and in his community.

‘What’s next?’: A Texas-based dealer steers his stores through the coronavirus, wildfires

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted dealer Steve Jackson to keep his retail chain lean and explore new ventures as the business faces tight inventories and factory image programs. The CEO of Jackson Automotive Group is also navigating his company through wildfires while creating a healthy and inclusive workplace.


The State of Minority Automobile Dealers and the Effect of COVID-19 on the Auto Industry – 2020 ALC

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We will discuss key areas of the automotive industry, the plight of black dealers, challenges black dealers are facing, growth potential, and consumer buyer power. Panelist include Damian Mills, President & CEO of Mills Automotive Group; Steve Ewing, President & CEO of Wade Ford Franchise; and Marc Bland, VP – Diversity & Inclusion of IHS Markit. The Moderator is Damon Lester, President – National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD).